This is your life, so love it and take care of it. To do this you must have an objective and realistic understanding of your complete lifestyle. This is why the ENERGY OF LIFE INSTITUTE offer a LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS. This is a systematic step by step process which enables you to have an overview that you can use to improve your life in the areas of your choice.

With the information available from LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS you decide what you want to keep, to eliminate
and/or change. You also decide what you want to learn about.  You will learn the necessary skills and
discipline to implement what you want.  We hope you make the responsible choices to take better care of
yourself to have a healthier, happier and more productive life.  We invite you to THIS IS YOUR LIFE program
in Costa Rica.  This unique program is not available anywhere else because Dr. Walter J. Urban has over 58
years of professional experience helping people.  He enjoys helping people, offers warm understanding
acceptance and support as he works with you several hours a day.

The primary objective is to awaken you to the need to better take care of yourself.  Remember THIS IS
. Many believe that they are living a healthy lifestyle while they are actually creating a disease
in themselves without their awareness because they do not have visible or annoying symptoms. For
example most heart attacks come from the cumulative effects of a self damaging diet and the self creation
of stress.

Program Overview

Stress Reduction

Stress is a Reaction

to the external world or to one's internal world of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions, habits, addictions, etc..

  Understanding why and how one reacts and how reactions tend to become automatic
is crucial to reducing stress or becoming free of stress.  In this program you will learn about your stress reactions.

Chakra StressInquire within for price quotes and questions.

Detoxification and Raw Food 


is another part of the program.  Cleaning your body of accumulated toxins is crucial to good health. The condition of your internal organs, your mental and emotional states are basically what determines your health and the rate of the aging process.

Chakra Detox

The program also included information about the benefits of eating more RAW FOODS that contain live enzymes rather than eating all cooked or denatured foods which are lacking in enzymes.  The body has many thousands of enzymes and without them there is no human life.  An enzyme acts like a catalyst which is needed to digest food.  A transition diet allows gradual changes which most people are able to make. 



is better than developing a crisis which acts as a wake up call. The basic elements of nutrition, exercise, stress and mental and physical detoxification are the foundation of health along with spiritual understanding.

The desire to CHANGE and the DISCIPLINE to be able to do so are up to you. We will help motivate you to change and offer discipline training. We encourage you to make RESPONSIBLE CHOICES for your life. THIS IS YOUR LIFE!


Inquire within for price quotes and questions.

Program Details

Healing Hands 1.DISCIPLINE

Discipline is important for total well being.  learning discipline is a step by step process in which you master your thoughts, emotions and actions. Make new decisions rather than be controlled by old conditioning, habits, addictions and beliefs.  when new decisions are acted upon freedom increases to choose you life´s path rather than repeat old training.

2. GET WHAT YOU REALLY NEED: OPTIMUM HEALTH AND FREEDOM.  Learn how to uncover your fears and illusions and let them go.  Learn how to accept and love yourself develop more compassion and a higher consciousness. Understand how you have been conditioned from birth to fit into a materialistic society which separates you from each
other and nature.  We tend to repeat our attitudes, habits, ideas, addictions and actions and they become stronger.  LEARN how to change your lifestyle and become healthier, more loving, creative, enthusiastic, joyous and spiritual.  CHANGING can take place by self observation, introspection, evaluation and setting realistic mini goals in a supportive environment. 

3. In this UNIQUE program you can learn:
    How to open your mind and change your life
    How to use your courage to explore and overcome all fears and insecurities
    How to prepare and eat raw food
    How to cultivate inner peace
    How to be less reactive and develop options
    How to heal your heart and not fear love
    How to improve your health and energy
    How to increase self confidence and stop worrying, doubting and procrastinating
    How to do 10 minutes of special exercises and develop more discipline
    How to maintain positive energy all the time
    How to stay motivated, enthused and act productively and learn when not to act
    How to make responsible choices




1. Have many of your current beliefs been put into your mind by your parents, teachers, religion or culture?
2. Do you periodically review your beliefs and make changes?
3. Do you think you have been brainwashed by the media and corporations?
4. Do you believe drinking milk is good for calcium and protein?
5. Do you believe medical doctors cure most diseases?
6. Do you believe your body has the capacity to cure itself?
7. Do you accept yourself the way you are today?
8. Do you have love, peace, compassion and joy in your life?
9. Do you have negative emotions such as anger, depression, sadness, worry, doubt, anxiety, etc. in your life?
10. Do you want to make any changes in your life?

It is well know that STRESS can lower the functioning of the immune system and make one vulnerable to disease. Stress is a reaction to the external world or one's internal world.

With proper training it is possible to eliminate stress or greatly reduce it. Dr. urban is a Certified Stressologist, certificate number 86003 according to the American Board Of Stress Practioners and has successfully helped hundreds of people.