Detoxification and Raw Food


Mental detoxification is the elimination of thoughts, ideas and emotions that are toxic to
humans.  Sometimes these are not in our awareness and can remain unconscious for many
years.  To eliminate them they must be made conscious.
     Thoughts, ideas and emotions are composed of energy which can cause negative effects
on the body and lead to disease.  Chinese medicine teaches how different emotions effect
certain organs such as the damaging effect of anger on the liver.  Medicine has explained
psychosomatic diseases.  Psychoanalysis has explained how emotions have physical
effects on the body.  Their is abundant evidence of how stress effect the immune system.
     Many people live in a toxic state and are able to function in their daily lives.  However,
their energy may be partially limited and they are not using their full potential.  They are so
used to living that way that they do not know the difference between the two.  They are
handicapped without knowing it therefore they do not seek professional help until they have
a crisis.
     Car owners change the oil every 3000 miles rather than wait for a breakdown.  Why do
most people wait for a crisis?  Prevening a crisis makes more sense and so a program of
mental and emotional detoxification is needed.  This can be done with the appropriate

Program Overview



are essential for digestion and for human life.  Live enzymes are in raw foods such as fruits and vegetables. Cooking food above 48 degrees centigrade kills the enzymes, deranges the natural food and destroys most of the nutritional value. The kind of food you eat has a major impact on you health.

  The choice is yours.

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.  Learn how to uncover your fears and illusions and let them go. Learn how to accept and love yourself, develop more compassion and a higher consciousness. Understand how you have been conditioned from birth to fit into a materialistic society which separates you from each other and nature. 


  We tend to repeat our attitudes, habits, ideas, addictions and actions and they become stronger.  LEARN how to change your lifestyle and become healthier, more loving, creative, enthusiastic, joyous and spiritual. CHANGING can take place by self observation, introspection, evaluation and setting realistic mini goals in a supportive environment. 


Do you have an open mind or do you defend your thoughts, ideas and beliefs
and live in a self created jail?
     Very early in life we are exposed to information, emotions and sounds from
our environment. We are all exposed to different stimuli.  Even twins have different
environments.  Studies have shown that the fetus is affected by diffenent types
of emotions, music, etc..
    Young babies "absorb" emotions.  For example a mother who is anxious, angry
and fearful is very different than a loving and peaceful one.  Parental arguments
affect children.  As we grow up we learn things that we accept as true.  Much of
this information depends on our parents, relatives, teachers, religion, culture and
geographic location.  As children we accept these things as true.  Some examples of
this are that our religion is better than other ones, we need to drink milk to get
calcium, that doctors heal us, that different skin colors have different importance.
     Many of use get a "false" education in some areas.  Then we believe in what
we have learned and eventually this "education" becomes part of us.  We then
defend this information.
     This defensive position tends to "protect" us from having an open mind that
allows new information to enter and be evaluated.  The closed defensive mind
makes us disinterested in seeking knowledge and persuing a path of constant
     Ask yourself whether you have an open mind and a constant interest in learning.
If you don't have an open mind are you interested in learning how to get one?
If you aren't interested that is really telling you something!

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Change takes place every second in humans and the universe.  Much change takes place
place automatically such as breathing and the autonomic system in the body.  Your cells
ingest nutrients and eliminate wastes without your awareness.
     Other kinds of change requires your active consciousness and actions.  If you choose to
enhance your life and the planet rather than repeating your life's patterns habits, addictions,
thoughts and emotional reacions, then opening your mind is a necessary condition to create
     If you are motivated, ready, willing and able to make the changes that you choose then
take a good look at yourself and start with self observation.  Then you have a picture of who
you are consciously.  However, that is only the start as there is much more to you than you are
aware of.  Your whole life history is in you whether you are aware of it or not.
     Our purpose is a positive constructive one which is to guide you on how to make changes
and to help you eliminate personal roadblocks and defenses that are in your way.
     When you choose to give yourself and us the opportunity to work together we are ready to
start.  You may either repeat your defensive survival lifestyle or choose not to repeat your past
decisions and traumas and make the changes for a more fulfilling lifestyle.  You may realize
your current lifestyle is only partially fulfilling when you take an honest look in the mirror.  We
encourage you to make the responsible choice.  Fulfill your growth!







I commit to knowing and expressing my true self, not to be defensive, to be honest, to acknowledge my feelings, to keep my agreements, to take responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and actions and to accept others as they are.



If we want to change our lives we must change our beliefs. Beliefs can be unconscious. Thoughts, beliefs and emotions transmit a vibrational frequency which is imprinted on the cells. Strong emotions have a more powerful impact. Cells have memories and negative ones can prevent you from changing or achieving a goal. Research has shown (Institute of Heart Math, "Local and Non-local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA") that positive emotions such as love, joy, appreciation and gratitude relax and expand the length of the DNA.

Negative emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, stress, etc. tighten DNA and it becomes shorter and switches off DNA codes. Codes can be switched back on with positive emotions that have healing powers where as negative ones cause disease. Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book The Biology of Belief has shown how our thoughts and beliefs affect our lives. Clearing the negative charge in the cellular memory is vital to your well being. Self limiting beliefs prevent you from changing and using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can be helpful in creating new beliefs. You must become conscious of your beliefs so that you can change them for a healthier, happier life.